Moto Guzzi Stelvio and Griso featued in Rider Magazine

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Thanks to the folks at Moto Guzzi for getting some good publicity for our favorite brand of motorcycles, and of course for producing two awesome bikes, the Griso 8V and the Stelvio 4V.

The 2009 Stelvio has especially gained a lot of good reviews since it’s launch, but the muscle-bike Griso has also had good reviews too.

The August 2009 issue of Rider Magazine features the 2009 Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200 4V in a 5 page article titled “Backroad Goose” written by Clement Salvadori.  Perhaps one of the most fitting comments about the Stelvio in this article is “The Stelvio is an excellent example of why we motorcyclists love motorcycles – because they are fun.”  There has been a lot written about the Stelvio, and it’s clear in each that this is a winner for Guzzi and for folks lucky enough to own one of these.

Several Guzzi Stelvio accessories are offered, and for the Rider Magazine test, this adventure bike was outfitted nicely. The Stelvio takes on a purpose-built enduro look with off-road accessories including with heavy duty bars to protect the engine, rock guard at the rear CARC hub, a heavy duty aluminum skid plate, and boxy panniers that have a rugged look.  The Stelvio fog lights and aluminum panniers add up to about $1500 extra cost, and with the skid plates and crash bars, the $14,990 list price brings the total price up to $17,365.

The 2009 Moto Guzzi Griso 8V is a very impressive motorcycle to see and hear, regardless of personal taste and style.  It’s got a very well established group of competitors to go up against, but once again, that’s what makes the Griso 8V and most any Guzzi extra cool.  You will definitely stand out, in a very good way, on this bike against the rest.

With the classic transverse 90 degree v-twin Guzzi engine all hopped up with 4 valves per head and 110 hp rating, this relatively naked 6-speed bike has some nice features such as a fancy analog tachometer paired with a digital screen that is a speedometer, trip computer – like the ones used on the Stelvio, Norge, and Bellagio.

The Griso 8V racing style dual front discs, over-sized exhaust header pipes, the wild futuristic looking exhaust tips, and the large exposed frame rails give plenty of clues to onlookers that this is a potent and special machine.  The exhaust sound is described as “pure ear candy” by Bill Heald, the author of the Rider Magazine article titled “Molto Musculare” about the 2009 Guzzi Griso.

The 2009 Griso 8V list price is $14,290 (USD).

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  1. David says:

    After more than 3000km I cant believe i havent lost my license. This machine is a joy to ride, the urge to open the throttle is endless, seductive, and the response impressive. Just get one.

  2. Bert Tompkins says:

    I love the Griso but own an 08 1200 sport (The last 2 valve 1200) . Yes these are also so media under rated it’s a crime. Pure JOY. I describe it as a “wall of torque”!. Gearing is spot on and it’s pure eye candy for those with an eye that is. The oem track kit was easy to install and I think gave me 20 HP and torque. Way too loud but deer run away from me. A MAGNIFICENT motorcycle. 10,000 miles and no mechanical problems and I can wrench it MYSELF. Thankyou Italy!! I’m think I’m turning Italian too! Ciao.

  3. brian says:

    hi got a stelvio last year (6mth ago) and after 40 years of biking i can say that it is the best bike by far i have ever rode or owened ! got rid of a bmw gs 1200 befor the MG and this is the tool no probs with it in eney way 1 converted Guzzie fan

  4. Michael Murphy says:

    I feel the same way about my 06 Breva, a joy to ride and hear with the after market exhaust!
    I’ll buy another!