New Italian Black Eagles fly from Mandello

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Moto Guzzi Nevada Black EagleMoto Guzzi has announced 3 new Black Eagle variations of the California, Bellagio and Nevada motorcycles for 2010.  The new matte black paint color is called “Aquila Nero”, or translated as Coal Black.  Fortunately, there is more to these new Black Eagle motorcycles than just paint.

Starting with the Nevada, the nicely styled chrome exhaust is borrowed from the V7 Classic.  In the opinion of The Moto Guzzi Guide, the new exhaust system really makes the Nevada look right is a  smart move by the Moto Guzzi designers.

Moto Guzzi Bellagio Black EagleThe Bellagio has seen a matte black paint scheme before, but the new Black Eagle edition Bellagio drops the large tank badge in favor of the much more subtle and classic style Moto Guzzi Eagle logo.  This seems to give the bike more of a bad-boy style, and that is a good thing.

The largest of the 3 new Black Eagle Moto Guzzi motorcycles is the ever-famous California.  This new edition of the California shares some features of the popular California Vintage.  Probably the most controversial of which is the large round tail light which seems to be a love-it or hate-it feature, but does appear to be at home on a motorcycle styled old-school, like this one.  The engine, the seat, the wrap around tubing at the back of the seat, and other polished pieces are also shared from the Vintage.

Moto Guzzi California Black EagleThese 2010 Moto Guzzis with their Aquila Nero paint schemes are in line with the popular trend towards matte black motorcycles and motorcycle gear.  For the die-hard rat rod style enthusiasts, all the chrome on these Black Eagles might be a target for additional black-out treatment.

For the rest of us, the chrome wheels, chrome exhaust, and all the other chrome pieces are just a part of what makes these motorcycles stand out from the crowd.  It also shows that Moto Guzzi was not simply trying to reduce their manufacturing costs and increase their profit margins by using the black primer colored paint instead of the much more expensive chrome.

For now, it is not clear if these Black Eagle edition Guzzis will actually land in the US market, but they should!

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