Moto Guzzi assembly to stay in Mandello

November 3rd, 20090 Comments ยป

Guzzi Mandello FactoryThe latest in the ongoing struggle to keep the world famous Moto Guzzi factory producing motorcycles in Mandello del Lario is looking more positive for the workers and the local community. This is according to published reports over the past few weeks from multiple sources, including Il Giorno di Como and others in Italy and Europe.

For several months now, the factory has been in a fight for it’s life as the parent Piaggio Group weighs their options. It’s no secret that motorcycle sales have declined sharply over the past year or so with the big problem of the general economy, and that includes a drop in Moto Guzzi sales as well. Tie that in with factors including a very old facility and a product line that has not received as much updating as other brands within Piaggio, and one can begin to realize why Piaggio would consider doing some consolidation.

The meetings have taken place before, and reassurances have been stated before, but it appears now that Piaggio Group is more committed to keeping Moto Guzzi manufacturing at the world famous Mandello site. This includes reinvesting in the manufacturing facility itself, helping to bring more production volume by re-launching the brand, and preparing new models and new engines for production there in the near future.

The union representing the factory workers is still fighting against some of the plans, including trying top reduce the number of redundancies, and to maintain more functions to stay at the Mandello factory.

Moto Guzzi is not an ordinary motorcycle company, it is something much greater, even if the present sales situation does not reflect that. One has to be very careful when making any changes with an icon or decades of value quickly lose meaning and luster. Does anyone remember the AMF years of Harley-Davidson? They were not very good, to say the least. Cheers to Robert Colaninno and especially to the local and regional government agencies and the efforts of all to preserve and improve the operations of Moto Guzzi at Mandello!

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